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Training of Teachers

It is extremely important that selected teachers should undergo rigorous training between 2 – 3 months. This will also be applicable for the selected Principals and Headmasters/Headmistresses. The orientation of the training for each will of course be different.

We hope to train the teachers/teaching staff at well-known and productive training centers whether they are in the private or the public sector. Our whole idea is to get the maximum benefit out of the training that we wish to impart to the teachers.

The teachers training of course will again be focused on to develop the pedagogical skills, creative need for psychological ability to young children and current creative methods of teaching.

In-service training will also form a core part of teachers training. It enables the teachers to become confident in the policy to teach and to use technology to deliver their subjects in varied and interesting ways, and to share with colleagues their experiences of different approaches to teaching particular parts of a syllabus. There will be an active development group that will provide training and resources in computer-based teaching methods. The Daanish Schools will ultimately have in house teacher’s training institutes.

It is nonetheless the case, for all the power and sophistication of modern technology, that in some cases nothing suits the delivery of a topic better than a teacher master standing in front of a class and encouraging girls and boys to discuss something with him.