How can you help?

Why to Donate?
Financial Sustainability of the Daanish Schools is absolutely vital. The Schools should not be left to either financial or political vicissitudes and should have sound financial backing to keep the initiative rolling and intact. The Government obviously has strong commitment to support the schools financially. We have established an endowment fund as a hedge against financial security. This will help Daanish Schools function in future independently without political influence resulting into continuous education of the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of society.

The battle is far from being won. We expect the international organizations, philanthropists, and those endowed with rich resources to contribute to the Daanish Endowment Fund. We invite you to become a WELL-WISHER of Daanish Schools and participate in our effort to bring the marginalized girls and boys of the society at par with the more blessed.

How to Donate?
Endowment fund has already been established with the Bank of Punjab. You can easily become our well wisher by contributing any donation, large or small.

You can donate by:
1.   Sponsoring a student
2.   Supporting a school
3.   Financing the furniture
4.   Equipping a laboratory
5.   Building a class room
6.   Contributing to any of the following:
a)   Daily Meals
b)   Uniform
c)   Bedding
d)   Milk
e)   Medicine, etc
For cash contribution please donate in:
Account # CPA 3544-1
The Bank of the Punjab 
Branch Code 008
Sponsor a child
You can sponsor a child by contributing Rs. 16,000/- (Rupees Sixteen thousand) monthly. We will happily provide you access to the child you would have sponsored and will also facilitate your personal rapport with the child.
Sponsor Expenses
You can also sponsor the teaching expenses, food expenses or medical expenses of any child at any one of the six campuses.  
Thanks in advance for your generous support of those we serve.
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