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Centers of Excellence

One of the other major responsibilities of the Punjab Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority is to take up existing high / higher secondary schools which are most deprived in terms of availability of class rooms, laboratories, toilet facilities for the students etc. The selection of schools is need based and preference for less developed areas.

Conversion of existing High/Higher Secondary School into Centers of Excellence by providing infrastructure and missing facilities, motivated teachers and better management.

In Phase I, one male and one female school in selected districts to be converted as Center of Excellence.

Scope of work includes provision of additional class rooms (1:40 class room-student ratio), well equipped science laboratories, library, staff room, furniture, equipment etc.

The number of existing schools to benefit from this project in the first phase is proposed to be 16 Schools.

Given assured funding, the project will be completed in a phased programme within three years.

This intervention is not only to provide the missing facilities to government schools, the exercise for which has already been undertaken variously, but to improve the quality of education with consistent focus on providing the physical infrastructure, trained and committed teachers and enabling environment. The Government has a firm commitment on quality preference.

The quality deficit in public sector has to be engineered through a multi pronged strategy which will have to include governance and management, capacity building of teachers, accountability for performance, curriculum, improved infrastructure and facilities etc.

The project envisages making a beginning with selected schools over a wide spread area in the Province for conversion into Centers of Excellence. The gender ratio has been carefully considered. Such upgradation of schools shall entail provision of requisite infrastructural facilities, which comprise of additional class rooms, furniture, library, computer labs, science laboratories, staff rooms, play areas, and sports facilities to cater for needs of the girls & boys, as well as setting standards for public schooling for which there has been a long standing demand. Improvement in access, quality and governance of education, achieving Millennium Development Goals, EFA goals and creating equitable opportunities for all are in built in the project theme. In addition, best human resource will be provided to these schools. In case where appropriate human resource is not available, recruitment will be carried out. The local community will be involved throughout so that they become stakeholders and not bystanders. Community participation will be a core component. They will ultimately be responsible for day to day affairs.

We are keenly aware of the deprivations of the underprivileged school going children/students. This is a conscious effort to provide level playing field and a concern for their mental and physical development with emphasis on human dignity. The Government will make a concerted effort with the support of the community, academia and may be of international community assistance to our egalitarian cause to end the apartheid in education.