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Punjab Daanish Schools and Centres of Excellence Authority

The symbol of lotus in a slough is an apt representation of the Daanish philosophy. Conceived as a far-reaching educational welfare enterprise for the poorest of the poor, Daanish is arguably the biggest project in ‘social equity through education’ in the entire South Asian region. The idea of upward social mobility through education is incomplete till education itself along with the needed wherewithal is brought to the very huts and homes of the needy. Thus, huge as they are, all Daanish schools are placed in the middle of the disadvantaged nowhere (and for a good reason) along the periphery of Punjab, specifically in areas which are high in poverty and low in literacy. Sanctified through the promulgation of Punjab Daanish Schools & Centres of Excellence Authority Act in 2010, the endeavor has grown to become the largest chain of residential schools in the country. In these residential institutions, the children of the most neglected section of the society find their future through provision of free quality education alongside state-of-the art facilities placed in highly elaborate infrastructure. The children who had no hope whatsoever of making a future are provided everything that a student can hope for completely as gratis. :- Countinue

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News and Updates

Celebration of Independence Day (14th August 2019)

The Punjab Daanish Schools and Centres of Excellence observed Independence DayRead More

Keeping Tradition Alive

Among the 14 x Daanish Schools spread all over Punjab. 1430 students appeared in science group Read More

Daanish Schools planted more than 30,000 saplings

Lahore (PR) Daanish Schools & Centres of Excellence Authority have planted more than 30,000 saplingsRead More

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Facilities at Daanish Schools

The facilities at Daanish Schools enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.

There are two hostels, with capacity for two hundred and twenty children in one hostel.
The school library provides information and ideas in today's information-based society.
Besides a modern computer lab Daanish Schools have dedicated high speed wireless internet.
The theory periods are followed by practical demonstrations performed by teacher.
In addition to grassy grounds and hundreds of trees A vast oval sports ground is available for the daily sports.
There are two hostels, with capacity for two hundred and twenty children in one hostel.